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Underground Mining Support and Shotcreting

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Underground Mining Support and Shotcreting

Welcome to Sheppard Mining Contracting, your trusted partner in the underground and civil construction industry. With a successful track record in completing various projects, our team excels in delivering exceptional results.

In civil construction, we specialize in a range of underground projects, including fuel and service bays. 

Equipped with specialized equipment like skid steers, LVs with fire suppression, and a non-turbo 1.7T excavator, we ensure the highest level of safety and quality compliance. Our expertise in pre-cast structures, bunded slabs, aprons, sumps, loading pits, floor slabs, retaining walls, and service area builds/upgrades guarantees top-notch outcomes.

When it comes to spraying and shotcreting, we have you covered. Our advanced Normet Spraymech, combined with our U/G Agi, offers customizable thickness, high-quality finishes, and fast application. Whether it’s vent walls, pumping services, cut-for-cut or campaign spraying, rehab programs, or new/existing portal spraying, our experienced team provides reliable solutions from start to finish. We also specialize in pit and batter rehab or stabilization, ensuring the safety and durability of underground structures.

At Sheppard Mining Contracting, we take pride in our special projects and service crew capabilities. Through our partnerships with top engineering designers and manufacturing companies, we offer superior underground installation services. Our focus on Major Underground Infrastructure & Projects Division drives our commitment to meeting our clients’ needs. From vent systems with pneumatic and fan components to UG services/support, crib rooms, pump installations, and mono rail systems, we have the expertise to deliver outstanding results.

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Underground Mining Support and Shotcreting


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